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Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in a Post-Pandemic World

Hiring a digital marketing agency in a post-pandemic world might be the solution to getting the most out of your marketing efforts? Regardless of the industry, every business was forced to make shifts in their marketing activities, with a strong focus on digital. The global digital ad spend is expected to reach $389.29 billion in 2021 (Statista, 2020). This is a 17 percent increase from 2020, during which annual growth slowed due to economic issues brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

With so much uncertainty and increased competition, having a vetted expert on your side can help your business stay adaptable to outside changes and scale your business’s growth goals. One thing is for sure; digital marketing is no longer able to withhold a set it and forget it approach. Consumers are demanding brands to connect on a deeper level and respond when it is convenient to them. 

Agency Vista has researched and put together the top 6 reasons to consider hiring a digital marketing agency in a post-pandemic world.

Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

1) An agency can help you scale your growth goals

The digital marketing landscape will become more competitive than ever in 2021. Digital marketers are prioritizing personalized, omnichannel experiences to engage with their audiences in order to cut through saturated search engine and social media landscapes. However, it can be difficult to execute these campaigns without the help of a qualified team.

US social media ad spend reached $43 billion in 2020. This was a 20% increase from 2019 (Source: eMarketer). Working with a marketing agency, especially one that has partnered with a marketing tool, can scale your campaigns with ease as they are experts at project management. 

Complex digital marketing solutions cover all contact points between the brand and the consumer digitally. Thus, having come to an advertising agency with one idea or just a huge desire to make good advertising, the customer leaves with a thoroughly planned, thought-out, and even implemented advertising campaign. As a result, you will improve the company’s image, consumer attractiveness and increase revenue.

2) It’s a more cost-effective solution

You may feel that hiring a digital agency is an expensive idea. In most cases, that is not the case. Often, businesses contact a marketing agency when there is a need for professional development, launch, and management of an advertising campaign. This approach has its financial benefits compared to building out and training an in-house team.

Or, imagine the following situation. You have worked hard to ensure that the company has a decent budget for marketing expenses. But if you misuse it, you will probably lose what you have. Whether you want to increase your marketing budget or analyze it for mistakes, an experienced agency will offer you several options to maximize the benefits of your allocated budget.

As a company, you can forget about hiring separate marketing specialists, their retention, and development. Marketing agencies organize the work of their specialists so that they can conduct at least 20 advertising campaigns for their clients. They use automation and bid control tools to run advertising campaigns quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, you save time and money.

3) Gain access to exclusive partner-specific resources

With new social networks popping up daily, your internal team can feel overwhelmed creating content for all of your channels at scale. You’ll need to have multiple pieces of content that target each customer with where they are at in the buying process. Another issue your business can run into is posting on channels that you think are making an impact but not looking at concrete data to determine if it makes sense to continue creating content there. And with new placements being available on Facebook and Instagram, a one-post-size-fits-all approach will simply not work. 

A marketing agency will maximize your budget to make sure they are driving great results for your business. They will monitor and track the performance and will make changes if needed. Marketing agencies also have the ability to become an agency partner with a number of marketing tools. These agencies can gain access to partner-specific features that can be utilized for your business’s growth. For example, agencies that are also Facebook Marketing Partners will be invited to special events to network on your behalf and have the ability to test out new ad-buying features before they are released to the public. 

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in a Post-Pandemic World | Agency Vista Search

Agency Vista’s search can be filtered by partnerships allowing businesses to quickly find an agency that best suits their needs. 

4) Eliminate wasted time on tedious tasks

Hiring an internal marketing team can take a long time, while with a marketing agency, the team is ready to get down to business right now. 

Even with a top-notch in-house team, the sheer number of tasks now involved in digital marketing is almost impossible to carry out without outside help. 

Your in-house team could outside repetitive or time-consuming tasks to an agency to eliminate wasted time for your business. This would allow your team to focus on managing these efforts and scaling growth instead of getting tied down with tedious tasks. 

When you hire a marketing agency, you do not have to worry about hiring, training, or management. A marketing agency will first want to work with you to get a good idea of your business and objectives, but you watch your business continue to grow after that. The agency’s management team takes care of everything, so you can focus on running your business in the best possible way. When you work with a marketing agency, you do not waste time when it comes to getting results.

5) An agency inspires you to think outside the box

Sooner or later, the love for the company and the product forms a “tunnel vision.” A marketing agency can help you look at a product or workflow from the other side and find a new or non-standard approach to solving marketing problems, especially when the post-pandemic reality dictates flexibility and adaptability.

One of the main advantages of working with a marketing agency is getting fresh new ideas that your team may not have considered. A marketing agency has dealt with many clients and knows what works and what doesn’t. 

For example, Google continually updates its search algorithm – a qualified marketing agency stays up-to-date with these changes so that your business is putting out content that ranks. Your business may be putting out awesome content right now, but it may not even be shown if you don’t know how to optimize it for search engines. A vetted marketing agency stays current with these trends so that your business is always ahead of the game. 

6) Marketing agencies are masters at storytelling

To talk about yourself and your product in a way that attracts the reader’s attention, you need to master the skill of storytelling. Alternatively, you can work with marketing agencies who are experts and driving impact through storytelling.

An agency analyzes your audience’s needs and prepares engaging messages that will resonate with your clients. In marketing, the main goal of storytelling is to attract, interest, and, ideally, sell a product or service. There are also other goals: increasing loyalty, increasing the number of subscribers to the mailing list, and so on. You can use this technique in marketing campaigns, ads, videos, company blogs, or product articles.

Why is storytelling so effective in marketing? The answer lies in human psychology. Stories, fairy tales, parables – this is what we get acquainted with from the first years of our lives; this is an opportunity to look into another person’s life to express our sympathy or anger. Our daily communication consists of stories that we tell about ourselves, friends, and acquaintances. In general, storytelling is based on people’s communication needs and their features. Since storytelling as a marketing tool can be used in different formats – text, video, photo, or graphic, it can influence various channels of perception: sensory, visual, tactile, and auditory.

We’re Here to Help!

Are you ready to go ahead and work with professionals? Here at Agency Vista, we believe that nothing can replace a professional digital marketing agency’s value. Our platform is the new way for brands to find and easily connect with the top marketing agencies that we have researched, compiled, and verified from around the world. You need to run through the verified profiles and reviews and select the right agency for your business. 

Often businesses come down to the choice – to hire a marketing agency or create an in-house marketing team? The decision you make will determine the success of your company. If you are looking for effective results at an affordable cost, working with a marketing agency will be your route. To improve sales volume, brand awareness, ensure growth, expand the business and, as a result, increase profits – these are the essential tasks of a marketing agency. Hopefully, we helped you understand why hiring a digital marketing agency in a post-pandemic world is best for the marketing future of your organization. Choose the right one and sit back to enjoy the results!

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